When dealing with an injury proceed in this order:

  • Understand the cause of the injury.
  • Understand the proper mechanics or function of the injured site
  • Determine a treatment to return the injured site to health
  • Take preventive measures to avoid a repeat of the injury

Running injuries


Biking injuries

Cycling knee problems has a nice chart of the different causes of knee pain from cycling, and good information on properly fitting the bike frame for the rider.

Patellafemoral disorder is indicated by pain at the front of the knee.  This is a common ailment for cyclists and alsodifficult to diagnose and treat because of the many causes for this  disorder. Don’t be intimidated by the technical nature of this article, it covers the diverse causes of the injury along with the proper mechanics of the patellafemoral joint.

Knee exercise for cycling injuries is primarily directed at patellafemoral infuries with exercises designed to prevent the injury.